The action group will engage in various activities to help the conservation of the Ringtail possum in the Peel regions:

  • Monitor Ringtail Possum populations in various locations south of the Dawesville Cut/Bouvard bridge on both sides of Old Coast Road, to the border of Mandurah / Waroona, on a 1 day /night per month
  • Mapping of Ringtail Possum populations
  • Document the productivity of female Ringtail Possums - single or twin infant counts
  • Counting and mapping of Dreys, both old and occupied
  • Ringtail Possum habitat mapping with tree hollow counts
  • Relocation areas for rehabilitated Ringtail Possums
  • Networking with the Southern Region Ringtail Possum groups




Workshops are an important part of the group.

There will be ONE workshop per month. 


The City of Mandurah is generously supporting the action group by organising venues such as the Bouvard Bowling Green, Sea Scout Hall, or the Cut Golf Course.   

There may be times when a private residence hosts a workshop! 


One topic per Workshop will be discussed and members of the action group are invited to recommend a topic for each workshop, for instance:

  • rope bridges
  • drey building
  • build your own possum bridge
  • spotlighting at the rope bridge
  • monitoring
  • mapping
  • wildlife film nights,
  • talks on Ringtail Possums
  • why are Ringtail Possums endangered?
  • fines for disturbing Ringtail Possums
  • plantings of Ringtail Possum foraging and habitat trees...

Topics can be decided 2 or 3 weeks beforehand.



This Western Ringtail Possum "George" was found in a Linen Cupboard.  He was released in an area with a radio collar.  For 12 months he was monitored using telemetry, giving a signal every two seconds.  He ranged through peri-urban vegetation living and grazing on trees such as Marri (a favourite), Tuart, Banksia, Peppermint then others such as Plumbago, Bottlebursh, Grevillea and the odd fruit tree.  After 12 months, his collar self-released and he happily became a parent!


Print out a Field Note to make identification easier.